“I first want to start out by saying that Mr. James Wang, of Palo Alto Care Homes was an “Angel of Mercy” for my father and our family.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Wang and his staff for the excellent and very loving care that he and his staff extended to my father.  While in the “Sweet Little Home”, my father was fed nice meals, bathed, shaved, had his hair cut neatly and combed.  He was always in clean clothes and immaculate.  Mr. Wang and his staff cared for him in the most loving and RESPECTFUL manner.  “Sweet Little Home” is truly a sweet home.  Finding this residence permitted me to leave my father in a safe and genuinely caring environment and I shall be grateful to Mr. Wang and his staff for the rest of my life.  I recommend the Palo Alto Care Homes to others who are desperately seeking only the beat for their love one’s care”
Toni W.

“May runs a very good organization from our observation and now, after several weeks of Irma’s residing in (May’s) Los Altos home, Irma is doing very well, has improved greatly, and is looking much better, too. The food is very good and the personal attention is excellent… I think Irma would join us in recommending May Care very highly.”
LW. “Bill” Lane Jr., retired publisher of Sunset Magazine, U.S. Ambassador to Australia 1985-1989

“Honesty and the ability to associate with people, May’s enlightened smile and good nature tend to enrich the lives of those with whom she assisted”
Joseph A. Foster

“I’ll always be grateful to May for giving Madge a home. May and her staff are been so kind and concerned, make Madge’s life comfortable and happy. For more than four years, may spent endless hours taking Madge to doctors, finding ways to solve the particular problems progressed, and showing Madge the care and affection that enabled her to stay at May’s Residential Care Home. No other owner would have done as much as May Wang.”
Conservator Joann Overberg

“Dear Mr. Wang, Thank you and your staff for making the last few months of Eugenes life comfortable and clean. Once he moved to Snow White he was always groomed and the room and bed were always clean and cozy. I appreciate the staff who cared for him. Thank you for all you have done for us.”
– Isabel Peterson