Los Altos Home

Address: 431 Mundel Way, Los Altos, CA.

  • Quiet street in a great neighborhood
  • At least two staff on duty 24/7
  • Rooms for 6 residents
  • We cater to ambulatory and non-ambulatory residents
  • Meals prepared fresh daily in house
  • Flexible menu, meals prepared to residents tastes
  • Outdoor patio for fresh air and relaxation on sunny days

Senior Home in Los Altos

  • Laundry service and fresh linen service
  • Staffed by experienced and professional caregivers
  • Home designed to be handicap accessible
  • Professionally Staffed 24/7
  • Sitting room and living/activity room
  • A quiet, healthy environment
  • Regular activities to keep mind and body healthy
  • Hairdresser and barber services in house
  • CA State Lic #: 435200238