Frequently Asked Questions

 What are Palo Alto Care Homes?

Our care homes are licensed residential care homes for elderly, mainly accepting age 55 and above.
It is non-medical facility that offers daily living help for the elderly.

 How do Palo Alto Care Homes differ from large assisted
living or nursing homes?

Our homes are small board and care homes, hosting to maximum six residents each.
Although small, our homes are licensed the same as the large assisted
living.  Often, when the families realize that their loved ones need more
one on one attention and care, which is hardly obtained in large assisted
living without hiring an extra personal aid, they find us.  Our guests are
all quite satisfied with the balance of individual attention coupled with interaction
among the residents and the staff that makes the residents truly feel at
home.  There are some medical limitations that restrict both small board
and care home and the large assisted living, and make it sometime necessary to
consider nursing facility. To determine the eligibility, Palo Alto Care Homes
normally goes through an initial assessment process.

 What is the direct staff to resident ratio?

The maximum staff to resident ratio is 1:3, one staff to three residents.  This allows for
close attention and care.

 Does Palo Alto Care Homes accept residents with
Alzheimer disease?


With increasing demand of Alzheimer care among the elderly, we have many custom
features designed for Alzheimer residents, such as exterior doors with alarms,
bathrooms with picture signs, numbered rooms, direction signs to orient
forgetful residents, and cheat sheets for forgetful and confused
residents.  Most of all, we have well trained staff with patience and
compassion.  A high staff to resident ratio and small home environment
make Palo Alto Care Homes especially suitable for elderly residents with
Alzheimer disease or memory problems.  Well managed care for the Alzheimer
residents reduces their confusion and anxiety, and makes them more comfortable.

 Does Palo Alto Care Homes provide medication

Yes, we provide assistance for self administered medication. Medication for all the residents
are centrally stored, distributed and recorded. Medication records are kept up
to date and administrated strictly according to doctor order. Medication log is
kept up-to-date.

 What activities are provided at Palo Alto Care Homes?

We actively promote activities among the elderly to stimulate their mind and body.
There are daily scheduled exercises.  In addition, residents are taken out
for a nice walk around the block when weather permits.  There is daily
game time for Bingo, card game, word puzzle or other games.  Arts and
crafts sessions are arranged along the holidays, such as Easter, July 4th or
Halloween.  Monthly, there is live music and dance with lots of food and

 Does Palo Alto Care Homes provide transportation to
doctor appointment?

Yes, we arrange transportation 3 times a month per client for doctor appointments.

 Does Palo Alto Care Homes accept payment from

Medicare doesn’t cover cost in Residential Care facility.  Some of the
Long Term Care insurance may cover part of the expense for the family.
The main payment source is private.

 How to obtain more information?

Please check out the Contact Us page, and fill out the request form or call or
email us.  We  will reply to you promptly.